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After sale

After sale

Service Items

● Provide one-stop service such as mixing equipment and parts supply, mixing station maintenance and so on.

● After sale service center will sign long term agreement with you on VOGO mixer's after sale service.

● The technical staff of the after-sale service center regularly visit the users, provide free training for the users, provide the service for the maintenance of the blender and the on-site inspection, and put forward the corresponding suggestions for improvement.

● In order to facilitate customers, the company adopts the principle of low price in the sale of vulnerable parts, so as to ensure that customers can use high-quality accessories.


Service commitment

● Quick response: the customer service commissioner gives the processing plan within 15 minutes after receiving the customer complaint information.

● Arrive at the scene: the provincial capital city reaches the user site within 4 hours, the two tier city reaches the user site within 8 hours, and the remote area reaches the user site within 24 hours.

● Site handling: reach the user site within 24 hours of processing;

● Finish processing: complete customer complaint handling within 24 hours.