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VOGO Machinery and 

Equipment Co., Ltd.



Service commitment:



Service tenet:


  • With your satisfaction;
  • Aim to solve your problem first;
  • Aim to respond quickly, efficiently and thoroughly solve your problems;


  • Service commissioner received customer feedback information, give treatment in 10 minutes; Need to arrive at the scene: provincial capital city arrives at the scene 8 hours, secondary city arrives at the scene 16 hours, remote city arrives at the scene 24 hours;​
  • We have adequate inventory of all our products, and we can provide you with reasonable and reasonable accessories;
  • Each product of the company has a unique delivery number. There is perfect file information for each numbered product, and you can provide maintenance service and accessories for each product for life.
  • For each customer complaint handled, complete records of the cause, treatment method and result of the problem will be filed and kept permanently.
  • Company to visit regularly customers, clients advice and Suggestions; Perfecting product and service;